Himalayas of Nepal surpass every other destination for outdoor adventure

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Conversation with the yak

“What would you prefer, to enjoy a holiday in the destinations housing the best beaches or to endure the same holiday in the foothills of the highest mountains of the world? Many of us would prefer to enjoy rather than to endure. Hence, beaches with diverse activities entertain thousand travelers & tourists every day. The mountains entertain a handful. The prime question is what after the holiday?”

Himalyas of nepal
Peaceful nap in the wilderness of Himalayas

After the holiday, getting back to the office on Monday with stories to share, who do you think would have the most incredible story? Nine travelers out of ten who visited beaches or exotic & well facilitated destinations have same old and lame stories, which have been heard hundreds of times during the gatherings you participate. The one who flew to the isolated and raw Himalayan territory boastfully shares his experiences keeping everyone spellbind.

Himalyas of nepal
Getting higher to Kalapattar 5545m for the better view of Everest

“Folks, Himalayas are spellbinding. They are not spellbinding just because they are restricted within a small territory of planet Earth. They are spellbinding because of their soaring heights and incredibly pure snow, which sparkle like an enormous heap of silver during daylights & gold during dawn & dusk.”

Himalyas of nepal
The view of Himalaya during dawn

Nepal with the stretch of more than 2000 km of Himalayas is the biggest hub of Himalayan Adventure. No nation in the world can beat Nepal when outdoor adventure attached specially with altitude is talked about. The exciting trekking journeys through lush vegetation of the conserved woodlands in the mid-hills and low alpine region emerge into the nival regions where base camps of world’s highest peaks including Everest nestle at peace. The landscapes in the vicinity change almost every day with the rise or fall of altitude. World’s deepest gorges are here so do the highest altitude lakes, pass, farmlands and the human settlements.

Himalyas of nepal
A glimpse of monastery under the shadow of world’s highest peaks

“Yes, the journeys to the base camps or the summits of elevated Himalayan peaks also cater extremely authentic or at times purely nomadic highland culture and lifestyle. These cultures are truly experiences that settle down in your brains forever. The lifestyles tough & difficult in the highlands still houses resilient and welcoming natives, which are the inspiring & life changing moments.”

Himalyas of nepal
To help guests is in the blood of every Nepali

Moreover, the spirituality that a trekker gets to witness in the highlands of Nepal is wonderful. Fluttering prayer flags, revered chortens and mani walls, peaceful monasteries and fascinating myths of holy Buddhists monks would undoubtedly grab your attentions.

Himalayas of Nepal
Highland Buddhism and solid devotion

“So, the destinations peaceful and untainted by human influence, the culture in the primitive forms and the lifestyle more than inspiring- what else a traveler wants during a long awaited holiday he/she has been planning. Keeping a holiday in Himalayas at top priority of your bucket-list is folks a wise decision. We recommend you to travel to Himalayas of Nepal, which of course would change your lives forever.”


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