Heli tour in Nepal.


Helicopter sightseeing in Nepal has been a popular tourism activity. The senior citizens, the visitors with acclimatization problems or visitors with limited time but with strong desire to view the majestic snow-capped Mountain giants prefer this adventurous activity in Nepal. Recently, James Timothy flew  to Lukla for the heli tour in the Himalayas. Lukla is the major gateway to the Himalayas in Everest region. At Lukla the heli tour to the isolated Himalayan region begins. Timothy boarded a Fishtail AS350B Helicopter for the most awe-inspiring flight of his life. AS350B helicopter is perfect for the Aeriel views. An hour long Heli- tour is the best way to explore the Himalayan Nepal in the very remote destinations. The Aeriel views of towering mountain peaks, landscapes covered with snow, baby rivers sheltering in the deep gorges, snow lakes and glaciers,pious highland monasteries and the traditional Sherpa habitats provides the absolute feast to the eyes during the heli tour. Timothy, was busy with his camera capturing all these magnificent views from the Fishtail Helicopter through out the entire flight.


Fishtail Air in action during the heli tour in the Himalayas.

Pics: EH.


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