From Florida to Everest – Phil Smith takes the World’s Highest Leap

Everest Skydive 2011 saw some very experienced skydivers taking the’ World’s Highest Leap’. Phil Smith from USA was one of them. Posted below are his comments on Everest Skydive  and his first visit to Nepal.

Phil Smith

Phil Smith ( Pic: Explore Himalaya)

“Hi, my name is Phil Smith and I live in Florida. I came here to skydive in the Mount Everest. I have been skydiving since I was 22…now I am almost 68. Friends of mine advised me that I should do it. I made a solo jump from about 28000 feet. It was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t explain to you in words …it was a great adrenaline rush…something you get only once in your life! But sadly we can’t do formation skydiving over there because of the thick clothing (skydiving suit). It’s actually warm, but the bulky suit makes it hard to move our body and form positions…

I had never been here before. I  have been to Thailand several times, and in Russia and South America.  I can say I really enjoyed this trip to Nepal. The scenery is beautiful and the people here are warm and hospitable. If you come here with a good attitude and an open mind you will actually enjoy it.
I recommend everybody to try out Everest Skydive. This is really a great sport. From Florida I was able to get to Everest and jump without catching a cold, that’s pretty good planning!!”

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