Five reasons why Nepal is ideal destination for wildlife activities

“Plans to protect air, water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man” – Stewart Udall

Nepal an ideal destination for wildlife activities

Nepal a landlocked nation tucked between India & China is not only the hub of Himalayan adventures and cultural wonders. The country is also the home of diverse floral and faunal species of which many are globally threatened. Many travelers may not be aware with the fact that Nepal caters one of the best wildlife activities in Asia. Because of the popularity Nepal has gained as destination for high altitude adventures, Nepal as a destination for Wildlife Activities might have been overlooked. Having said that we have listed five reasons why Nepal for wildlife lovers could be an ideal destination in Asia for wildlife activities.

Nepal an ideal destination for wildlife activities

1. 19 Protected Parks or Conservation Areas

 Relating the area of Nepal, the number of protected parks or conservation areas in Nepal is so huge that in less than every 100km the country has a protected park or the conservation area. Whether it is hot and humid lowland Terai, pleasant mid-hill or the snowy and cold low alpine region, Nepal houses the conserved woodlands, which are ideal homes to diverse floral or faunal species. Out of nineteen protected parks two of them; Chitwan National Park & Sagarmatha National Park are UNESCO enlisted Natural Heritage Sites. Besides, these known protected parks or conservation areas, Nepal also have many locally conserved jungles.

Nepal an ideal destination for wildlife activitiesNepal an ideal destination for wildlife activities

2. Easy Access and extraordinary services

For the wildlife activities in Nepal, most of the local tour operators focus the protected parks or conservation areas, which are located in the southern lowland plains of the country. Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park and Koshi Tappu Willife Reserve are the most popular destinations in Nepal for wildlife activities. All these landmarks are easily accessed via road or air from the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu. Moreover, the resorts and hotels catering services in these parks are equipped with most of modern services and amenities.

Nepal an ideal destination for wildlife activitiesNepal an ideal destination for wildlife activities

3. Endangered Species

Being the home to 19 protected parks or conserved areas, Nepal is the home to diverse floral and faunal species. More than 900 species of birds, 208 species of mammals, 100 species of reptile, 43 species of amphibians, 185 species of freshwater fish, 635 species of butterflies and more than 5000 species of plants prosper in the natural habitats of Nepal. Many species among these are globally threatened. Royal Bengal Tiger, One horned Rhinos, red panda, snow leopard, Bengal fox, Spiny babbler and Bengal Florican among others are endangered species that are conserved in the jungles of Nepal.

Nepal an ideal destination for wildlife activities

4. Client Friendly Activities

During the wildlife activity in Nepal, every traveler gets to experience the activities in a very friendly environment. Be it a Jungle Safari on the back of Giant Asiatic Elephant or a dugout canoe ride along the river system that runs through the jungle – expert jungle guides will take you to the ideal habitats of rare species so that travelers desire to see them in the wilds becomes almost sure. Apart from the jungle activities, the services provided by the staffs of resort or hotels are so beautiful that every traveler admires Nepalese hospitality.

Nepal an ideal destination for wildlife activities

5. Cultural encounter on top of Jungle Activity

During the wildlife activity in Nepal, the chances of sighting and experiencing the culture of tribal clans living in the neighborhood of the protected parks is a bonus reward. “Tharus”, the indigenous tribe live in the lowland plains of Nepal that flanks the most popular three wildlife destinations of the country. Hence, the chances of observing the rich tharu culture during the wildlife tours in Nepal are always an integral part of it.


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