Festival of Tsechu

Tsechu ,which literally means  “day tens” is an important religious festival, celebrated by the followers of Tibetan Buddhism in Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. It is held annually in each monastery on the tenth day of a month of the Tibetan lunar calendar.The month depends on the place, but usually it is celebrated around september – october.

‘Tsechu’ commemorates the deeds of Guru Rimpoche , the great Nyingmapa scholar and the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. It is said that Guru Rimpoche himself organized the first ‘Tsechu’ in Bumthang valley (in Bhutan), during his visit to Bhutan and Tibet in the 8th century.There the eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche were presented in eight types of dances .These became the chams( dances performed in a monastery), which reeanacts the glory of Guru Rimpoche.

These dances represent divine beings and the eight forms of Guru Rimpoche.There is much  whirling,leaping and somersaulting while this dance is performed.

Tsechu also offers the opportunity to view the unfurling of the thongdrol, a sacred multicolored portrait of Guru Rimpoche. One glance at the thongdral is said to be enough to cleanse the viewer of all sin.The thongdrols are centuries old and are only displayed at night to protect them from sunlight.Thousands gather for this precious sight.

In Bhutan the festival is particularly colorful, with people dressed in their finest clothes and jewels and socializing, eating and merrymaking.The dates for Tsechu festival in Thimpu, Bhutan falls on 28th – 30th September 2009. In Wangdue, Bhutan it will be celebrated on 26th – 28th September 2009.

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