Everest Skydive: Experts in the crew



Sewell family during a conversation with Explore Himalaya at Hotel Malla- James left to an interviewer

Eighteen year old James George Sewell from Great Britain becomes the youngest Everest Skydiver during the Everest Skydive 2013. Peter Leonard Sewell and Alexander Peter Sewell accompanied James to Khumbu Region for this extreme adventure. Peter and Alexander expressed their joy for James successful dive. James had a tandem jump with Dr. Ryan Jackson on October 25. James shares his experience with Explore Himalaya after his first ever Skydive.

“Initially, I was nervous throughout the whole trip about the dive itself. But, the whole team was really very supportive and Ryan handled the dive so well that I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

“I was very well briefed, at least four times before the jump and the jump was ..brilliant….just amazing. I had a fantastic time. The experience was great.”

“The entire team of Everest Skydive is very experienced and wonderful. The team is very confident and they tried really very well to make the dive even more exciting.”

“We would recommend the program to everyone and we ended this holiday in a very happy note.”

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