Everest Skydive Expedition Day 3

Everest Skydive Expedition Day 3
EverestSkydive Expedition Day 3

By: Kim Bo Larsen

After a good nights rest in Namche, we trekked the short 1,5 hours to Syangboche, where we will be jumping. The trek was mostly steep, with great views of Namche and the surrounding mountains. This was the first day we actually saw the mountains. EverestSkydive Expedition Day 3 The last couple of days have been cloudy. To see the white peaks, glaciers and massive ridges is just awe inspiring.

When we got to the airfield at Syangboche, we headed to the teahouse for a light extra breakfast, hot tea and relaxation. We were waiting for the helicopter to bring Osama, Yorrick and Greg from Lukla along with the 500 kg. Of equipment we will need for the jumps. Skydiving rigs, oxygen equipment, helmets, suits, extras and so on.

When they arrived it was time for the traditional Puja ceremony. Before commencing skydiving operations, we need the Buddhist munks to ensure that we have blessings from the mountain-gods. The offer and pray. The ceremony lasted about one hour and ended in each of us being blessed by the monk. Now we can skydive and know everything is in order.

After the puja, we set up everything and prepared for next days jumping. Plans change all the time, but the overall plan of course is to have Osama and Aliaa do their two jumps.

We got to the teahouse after dark. It was hard navigating up through the bushes not being able to see the trail. Once up there, we had dinner and everyone was a bit tired. The thin mountain air does this. Everyone went to bed early, as breakfast is at 05:20 tomorrow morning.

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