Everest Skydive 2015 – Autumn adventure in Nepal that world eyes on

“Everest Skydive 2015 despite of all adverse consequences has been a successful mega event once again.”

Everest Skydive 2015

Crew members  including Tom Noonan, Derek Thomas, Dr. Ryan Jackson and Oxygen Specialist Ted Atkins, Mike McCann, French Aerial Cinematographer Paul Henry DeBaere and Venezuelan Skydiver Enersto Gainza, the new crewmember for the ESD 2015 conducted skydives in the shadows of Everest from 6th November to 8th November. Skydivings by four professional skydivers from Complete Parachute Solutions, USA along with the beauty queen Sambriddhi Rai and the crew members this year Everest Skydive had 21 solo jumps and a tandem jump.

Everest Skydive 2015

In today’s post we have the the day to day report of Everest Skydive 2015 and the newest photos of this year’s mega event. Have a look. We will come up with the exclusive interview with the crew and more photographs tomorrow.

November 6

1 Flight Load 3 solo jumps by Tom Noonan, Derek Thomas and Mike McCann

November 7

14 solos & 1 tandem jumps in 6 Flight Loads

First Flight Load 3 solo by jumps Krause Brain, Eric Chane and Paul Henry

Second Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Tom Noonan and Fred Williams

Third Flight Load 1 tandem jump by Sambriddhi Rai with Ryan Jackson & a solo jump by Paul Henry

Fourth Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Eric Chane & Fred Williams

Fifth Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Ryan Jackson & Krause Brain

Sixth Flight Load 4 solo jumps by Tom Noonan, Mike McCann, Ryan Jackson & Paul Henry

November 8

Four solo jumps in 3 flight loads

First Flight Load solo jump by Brian Krause

Second Flight Load solo jump by Tom Noonan

Third Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Ryan Jackson & Eric Chane

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