Everest Skydive 2013: Marc Kopp sets a record



Marc Kopp in the hospital after the skydive

After the jump from a whopping height of 22,000 ft overlooking Everest by MS sufferer Marc Kopp, we need to re- define the limits of what a person can do. On October 27, 2013 Marc Kopp, successfully completed a tandem dive with his friend, champion skydiver Mario Gervasi setting a record of first disabled to skydive over Everest. As soon as the jump was completed, he was taken to hospital by helicopter for his thorough medical examination and declared as fit by the doctors.

The 55-year-old French, living in Longwy northeast of Paris, has suffered the degenerative disease of the nervous system for more than a decade. Inspite of all the inherent risks involved in the event and the painstaking preparation, he made his dream come true. His miraculous feat has been in the media limelight including national dailies and international media since his record breaking jump. He thanked the event crew and Explore Himalaya, the event host of the elite adventure for their support and encouragement.

“I hope my action will inspire others living with this illness. I hope many more will follow in my footsteps,” said the contended diver. Kopp, who is accompanied by Mario Gervasi and Eric de Aranjo, is anticipated to be welcomed by a huge crowd of his supporters back home.



A legendary feat over Everest by a Multi sclerosis sufferer Marc Kopp with Maroi Gervasi

Link to Marc Kopp’s skydiving video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXAzmse1-vI&feature=youtu.be

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