Enduring month long strict fasting in devotion: Swasthani Barta Katha

Swasthani an epic book of Hindus is a collection of religious tales that describes the power of Goddess Swathani. Hindus believe that Goddess Swasthani generously fulfills the wishes of her devotees if the book is read during particular time of the year with absolute devotion. Devotion relates to the purity of body and soul. Especially Hindu women from Poush Shukla  Purnima to Magh Shukla Purnima as per  Nepali calendar, which falls between January to February in Gregorian Calendar endure the hardship of fasting for a month.

Located 17 km northeast of Kathmandu, Salinadi (River) is a popular place for Hindu devotees, being the destination blessed by Goddess Swasthani as per the Hindu myth. The myth says, a fairy from heaven who was indulged in devotion of Goddess Swasthani at Salinadi felt pity on seeing the misery of cursed Chandrawati. She suggested the god damned Chandrawati to worship the powerful Goddess and get her wishes fulfilled.  Chandrawati went through all the hardships to please the Goddess Swasthani and was able to find peace in her life.

Since then Salinadi  is the most revered place in Nepal when it is the time to endure the strict fasting hardship to please this mythically powerful Goddess Swasthani.

Here we have few photographs captured on Swasthani Festival at Salinadi.

Festivals of Nepal

Devotees at revered Sali Nadi on the Final day of Swasthani 

Festivals of Nepal

The holy Sali Nadi (River)

Festivals of Nepal

Devotees indulged in final procedure of the month long fasting festival

Festivals of Nepal

The devotees who were at Sali Nadi for a month abiding strict rules of fasting

Festivals of Nepal

Hardship doesn’t restrict devotees to have fun

Festivals of Nepal

Faith that overcomes the fear of failure

Festivals of Nepal

Holy saints expect some gifts from the devotees

Festivals of Nepal

And the revered book -Swasthani

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