Eight reasons to Visit Nepal Autumn 2015

The recent past

The powerful earthquake hits Nepal claiming thousands lives and billions worth properties. The hub of Himalayan Tourism suddenly goes into the emergency state and begins to mourn. The entire world prays for Nepal and help to relieve the quake victims lands Nepal from all over the world.

At the moment every sector including the tourism industry of Nepal are planning recovery strategies to rise again.

Nepalese have begun to accept this biggest tragedy as an opportunity to build a prosperous and stable “New Nepal”.


The nearest future

Next three months might not be the right time to visit Nepal, we do not deny on it. The quake has recently shaken the earth and the monsoon begins right away. Few more natural calamities could take place. What after the monsoon is over?

The new beginning

The beautiful clear sky, wonderful temperature and the lush vegetation- the real time when Nepal wins the toughest battle against the nature- the autumn 2015 begins. This is the high time when the travelers from across the globe intend to visit Nepal.

This year travelers might think that things have changed. Yes, we agree, “Things have changed in Nepal ”. So why not travel to Nepal during Autumn 2015 to see the change.

nepal will rise again

Here we have the listed eight reasons, why you should travel Nepal during Autumn 2015. Have a look.

1. People for People

It has been always this way. When people in some part of the world are in crisis, the people from other parts have played roles to support the humans under crisis. The simple logic is, this time people of Nepal need you. Thousands of households in Nepal run because of Tourism industry. Almost 1 million Nepalese are directly into tourism and several millions are benefited indirectly because of the foreign travelers visit Nepal.

So when the people of Nepal are under the pressure to rebuild the country devastated by the quake your visit to Nepal could play an important role to support country’s economy and the lives of individuals who are directly involved in guiding you across the country.

people for people

2. Disaster Tourism

7.9 magnitude quake does the significant damage. Visiting Nepal during Autumn 2015 is an opportunity to explore the damages done by the quake. We call it an opportunity because the damage of this scale happens not often. So visit Nepal during Autumn 2015 and explore the damages done by the quake before everything is cleared and rebuilt again.

disaster tourism in nepal

3. Nepalese

Nepalese are known for bravery and kindness. The interesting factor to Visit Nepal during Autumn 2015 could be to observe the attributes of Nepalese under huge pressure. Will they remain same or change their way of living?

If Nepalese change, will the change be positive or negative? Visit Nepal and witness by yourself.

visit nepal autumn 2015

4. Destinations

Nepal is the sole destination on earth catering extremely diverse landscapes, culture, flora, fauna, wildlife and adventurous activities. Some of the landmarks of central Nepal have been affected and have been temporarily restricted for visitors, which include Langtang and Manaslu Region Treks. However, the destinations in other parts of Nepal remain unharmed during the quake.

Trekking in Annapurna, Everest, Dolpo and Kanchenjunga Regions among others are as safe as they were before the quake. Similarly, the touristic and adventurous hub like Pokhara, wildlife hubs like Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park and the birthplace of Gautama Buddha are safe destinations to travel around Nepal.

visit nepal autumn 2015

5. Voluntourism

Nepal needs massive number of helping hands to rebuild the monuments and rehabilitate millions Nepalese. And, you could be one of those. Visit Nepal during Autumn 2015 and volunteer your expertise in the quake affected villages of Nepal to support various sectors of Nepal. It could be teaching in schools, lending helping hands to support the health of natives in isolated highland villages or your expertise in building houses for the homeless could be the kinds of support we need now.

In whatever way you volunteer in Nepal, you will be the part of rebuilding the country devastatingly hit the quake.

visit nepal autumn 2015

6. Extra services

Travelers do not prefer to visit the country recently hit by the quake. Though these sorts of perceptions doesn’t make difference in adventure tourism, we respect the way international governments and the families of travelers concern about the safety of their citizens or their loved ones. It is understandable. However, we have our point to cater extra services to all the travelers who visit Nepal coming autumn and we promise to stand by it. We will make your trip in Nepal the trip of lifetime.

visit nepal autumn 2015

7. Safety Guaranteed

The safety of our valued clients always has been the prime priority.

After the quake concern bodies of Government of Nepal has assessed the conditions of hotels in Kathmandu and other parts of the country and hence we will be accommodating you in the hotels or teahouses labeled absolutely safe to stay by the Government of Nepal. Various sectors of tourism industry have assessed the roads and airports we are most likely to use while operating your holidays in Nepal and they are safe. We will also accompany you with the best and experienced guides in the mountains who know the best for your safety. We will be updated with your status frequently through our guides so that we could plan urgent action to rescue you if necessary.

visit nepal autumn 2015

8. Witnessing the rise of mighty

Mighty rises from the rubbles. After the quake 2015 Nepal begins experience positive signs.

The longing political instability seems to be ceased and soon the Himalayan nation seems to get the constitution as the major parties come under an agreement. Secondly, the youths of Nepal begin to unite via social sites and act as necessarily in the rebuilding process, which is so inspiring. Nepal finally seems to be on the way to rise. Traveling Nepal during Autumn 2015 is firsthand chance to witness the rise of mighty Nepal.

visit nepal autumn 2015








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