Destination Nepal – Look at the reasons why you should still travel to Nepal

After the powerful quake that struck Nepal, travelers across the globe are in dilemma whether to travel to Nepal or not. Justifying Nepal as a safe destination to travel has now been an old story because safety in Nepal now needs no justification. A couple of months after the quake, Nepal has begun to become normal and despite the biggest tragedy Nepalese are determined to build the country more prosperous and powerful than ever.

Here we have made an attempt to float the interesting highlights of Nepal, which could be an interesting article for the travelers to know a bit more about the country before they plan to travel to Nepal.

Occupying 0.1% of planet’s total area, Nepal the landlocked country tucked between India and China houses one of the richest genetic biodiveristies of the world. Nepal enjoys almost ninety percentage of world’s climatic conditions.

climatic conditions of nepal


Nepal is the home to 102 ethnical tribes and 123 languages are spoken throughout the country.

ethnical tribes of Nepal

The only country in the world, where mortals mingle with Living Gods and Goddess is Nepal. Kathmandu the Living Museum in the world was the center of civilization before the countries like Australia and America were discovered.

The Living Goddess Kumari

There are more festivals in Nepal than the number of days in the year. The celebration might relate to please the Rain God or worshiping sacred animal like cow.

festivals of Nepal


Housing seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites Kathmandu Valley, is the densest concentration of temples, stupas and Durbar Squares. People believe there are more temples and shrines in Kathmandu Valley than the number of houses and there are more idols and sculptures of gods and goddess than the number of people dwelling in Kathmandu.

UNESCO world heritage sites of Kathmandu

Life Style

Asan, the old market of Kathmandu Valley is one of the paradises for photographers for street photography. The traditional culture amidst the crowded market place can be well observed here.

street photography in nepal


Nepal is the melting point Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepal is one of the countries, where the highest numbers of butter lamps are lighted. Buddhist and Hindus light them everyday praying for the prosperity and good health. Every morning and evening the thousands of religious shrines in Nepal illuminate because of the butter lamps lighted by the devotees.

devotees of Nepal


Despite all the hardships Nepalese are known for their bravery, kindness and resilience. The country that has never been colonized, Nepal is also the home to one of the happiest people on earth.

people of nepal

Buddhism is probably more a way of life than a religion throughout the world, but Nepal is the land where devotion is the way of living life. Kathmandu being the home to largest Buddhist landmarks caters the views of such devotions in larger scales.

way of life in nepal


One of the few countries in the world, where cremating rituals has grabbed the attention of the tourists and Nepal is one of them. Aryaghat in Pashupatinath, the biggest Hindu Shrine in Nepal is the most popular destination to sight the Hindu Cremation process.

Hindu cremation process in Pashupatinath

Most important landmarks

The Himalayan factor- Nepal not is the home to Everest, the world’s summit. It is also the home to eight 8000ers and hundreds of other elevated Himalayan peaks.

Himalayan factor


Being the birthplace of Gautama Buddha Nepal is the most sacred land for Buddhist. Moreover, being the maternal home to Sita,  Nepal is equally sacred land for the Hindus living across the world.

the birthplace of Buddha and Sita

Pokhara Factor- From the famous tourist town, Pokhara which lies 200km west of Kathmandu at 800m, the elevation rises so rapidly that within 30km radius from Pokhara the altitude goes beyond 8000m. It is probably  the most dramatic physiographic change in the world.

dramatic change in landscapes in Nepal

Glacial Lakes- Including the highest altitude Tilicho Lake 4919m, Nepal is the home to hundreds of glacial lakes, which are truly fascinating to behold. They are also the feeders to most of the rivers and rivulets that run through the entire Indian sub-continent.

Lakes in Nepal


Once again the altitude factor- Nepal grows rice in the highest altitude. Chhumjul 3050m in Jumla is the highest altitude rice growing place on earth.

highest altitude rice growing land in world


Flora and fauna

With 14 protected areas including National Parks, Conservation Area Projects and Hunting Reserve Nepal houses the wide biodiversity of floral and faunal species. Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park are UNESCO World Heritage Site of Natural Category.

flora and fauna of nepal


The wilds of Nepal are the ideal home to large concentration of Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinos, Snow Leopard, Swamp deer, wild honeybees, red panda and Long Snouted Gariyal crocodile among others.

mammals in nepal


Nepal boasts on 5490 species of flowering plants. Edelweiss, Austria’s national flower, which is on the verge to extinct there, is found easily in Langtang National park of Nepal. Moreover, 2% of species of orchids, 6% of species of rhododendron, 250 endemic species of flowering plants, tallest grasslands and finest woods of Shorea robusta is found in Nepal.

species of flowering plants found in nepal


Nepal is the ideal destination to sight different species of butterflies. Over 650 species of butterflies are found in Nepal, which is almost 4.2% of total species of butterflies found in the world.

species of butterflies in nepal


Nepal is an ideal destination for bird-watching tours. 864 species of birds have been sighted in Nepal.

species of birds found in nepal


Nepal is the hub of Aerial Adventure. Including Everest Skydive and Pokhara Skydive, Nepal also caters aerial adventures like Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Flights, Ultra-light Flights and Zip Flying.

Sky adventure in nepal


With more than 6000 rivers and rivulets, Nepal also caters the thrill on the liquid highway. Adventures like rafting, kayaking and canoeing are popular water adventures in Nepal.

water adventures in nepal


800 miles of Himalaya lie in the Nepalese territory. Trekking, Peak Climbing and Mountaineering are the most popular touristic activity Nepal is known for.

walking adventure in nepal



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