Defining Trekking as a Trekker

Beginning of an Adventure

Technically, trekking is an adventurous walking journey that brings you out from your locality and takes you to remote wilderness allowing you to recreate your body, brain and soul.

The definition of trekking might vary considering the experience trekkers get during their treks. However, the real pleasure of trekking can be obtained when one decides to go beyond the boundaries made by someone else.

A trekking is a desire; desire to reach the ultimate destination one sets prior to the beginning of the trek. However the meaning of trekking changes and gets even broader once you start it.

Satisfaction of Getting Closer to the Goal

A trekking is to start walking with mindful of passion, walking for hours with hope to reach to the particular day’s destination, which at many points never seems to be achievable. The experience of getting lost and finding strangers on the way to figure out the right course is the fun and precisely trekking is all about that relief you feel at that moment.

Walking for hours to reach to the place where you are going to stay for the night, where you might have to cope and accommodate yourselves with the limited resources available is rare experience only trekkers enjoy. Forgetting all the comforts back home and sharing a small room with the friends you might have just met but the sound sleep you enjoy out of tiredness is what trekking is all about.

A fresh new day to begin the walk again where you know long walking day is ahead of you could be boring start but as the rewards begin to unfold, trek again becomes wonderful.  A trekking is about the want to give up but at the same moment, it is also about the continuity to carry on the adventure.  You want to give up cause you’re legs are hurting or every part of your body is paining. But that one simple desire to get up to the top and scream aloud because of the rewards trek caters every now and then keeps you motivating to move on.

Tiredness along with Happiness

A trekking is being close with nature and understanding the beauty of the silence. It is being lost within yourself while your friends and family are worried not being able to contact you.

A trekking is a start of the friendship, start of a bond, which is very strong that remains forever. A person who was a stranger few days back will be the one who will listen to your nonsense story from your past as a true friend. A trekking is not about capturing moments but about creating memories.

The Joy of Achieving the Desire

Finally, a trekking is getting to the top of pre determined destination, which allows you to forget all the pain and suffering you’ve taken to make it up there and scream that feeling out of yourself for achieving something that you have always wanted. Trekking is all about the priceless feeling, which you will cherish for your lifetime.

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