Danish students political research on Nepal



Group discussion session with students and organizational leaders associated with major mainstream parties

Ms. Laura Holm Pedersen from Denmark who stayed in Nepal for almost 18 months back in 2011 and 2012 is now again in Nepal with her colleagues Mr. Morten Fielding, Mr. Andreas Winther Rohde. Students of Development Studies at a University in Denmark Ms. Laura and her companions planned their research on the political scenario of Nepal of the last seven years. Their research included the ceasefire of Maoist war, the 19 days long civil strike, the election of constitution assembly, the gain achieved and loss suffered by the constitution assembly and the current strategies of the major political parties to provide the proper way out to the nation.

During the research, the Danish students interviewed several political leaders and the students and the organizational leaders associated with the major political parties. The result of the interviews is likely to be authentic despite of poles apart issues of different parties. However, the students believed that there shall be a common point where everyone would agree. Disclosing, one of their interview conversation the University students believed that Nepal will get a proper constitution if the leaders are given abundant time. Upon saying this they recalled the history of other countries after the ceasefire and obviously they consumed a lot more time than the Nepalese are doing. Ms. Laura stated the fact that development comes after the extreme suffocation within the every citizen. So, the transitional phase of Nepal is moving towards the extremity which one day will obviously break and Nepal will be driven properly. The students were also privileged with a conversation session with Mr. Pradeep Gyawali- a former Minister and a reputed leader of CPNUML. They believed the conversation was so gentle and relevant. Mr. Gyawali is a wonderful person Ms. Laura stated.


Conversation with Pradeep Gyawali

The research of the Danish Students was supported by Kipling Travel and Explore Himalaya which was thoroughly possible with the wonderful guidance and arrangements by the senior politician and the Special Adventure Director of Explore Himalaya- Mr. Krishna Aryal.

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