Danish Everest Ascent for Human Rights

To commemorate the diamond jubilee of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, a Danish climber Morgen Jensen is all set to conquer the highest peak, Mt. Everest, without oxygen. Jensen has earlier climbed Cho Oyu  and Everest  from Tibet side. In 2004-05, he cycled all the way from Denmark to Nepal. During his expedition, Jensen will take with him the UN Human rights flag and the Declaration of Human Rights scroll, which he will unfurl and place it at the summit.

A support group of 60 trekkers will meet him  at the Everest Base Camp to hand over the scroll and the flag.  Among the support group  are teachers, doctors, CEOs,  government officials, businessmen and students and their ages range from 25 to 65 years.The  team also wants to link the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with Nepal’s ten-years-long armed conflict, which resulted in serious violation of human rights.

On 2nd April a program was organized by Kipling Travels,exclusive partner of Explore Himalaya, where national Human Rights Commission , Nepal member, Gauri Pradhan and Human Rights activists, Daman Nath Dhungana and Padma Ratna Tuladhar wished Mr. Jensen success in his mission and lauded him for his efforts. Lars Gundersen, the Director of Kipling Travels, said that since the Danish people do not know much about Nepal and its people, he hopes that this mission shall make them aware of the natural beauty of Nepal and the warm hospitality of the Nepalese. According to him, Nepal is a great destination and worth a visit.

Jensen plans to make it to the summit by 20th to 24th May. During this time the UN general Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon is slated to visit Denmark and Jensen plans to talk to him from the summit. The funds raised from this expedition will be donated to Amnesty International and PA Nepal, an organization that works for orphans.
The EBC trek for the support group is organized by Kipling Travels and Explore Himalaya. The 60 trekkers are perhaps the largest single group of Danish trekkers to come for Nepal.

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