Conservation Drones introduced in Chitwan National Park

After conservation drones were successfully tested in Chitwan National Park by World Wildlife Fund, Nepal to check poaching and monitor the movement of animals at the park, the government will be introducing the use of these drones (unmanned remote controlled aircrafts) to save and monitor wildlife in the protected zones. The drone can fly up to an elevation of 200 metres and stay in the air for 45 minutes. It has a wingspan of two-metre (6.5-foot) and a range of 25 kilometres (15.5 miles). The drone is fitted with cameras and GPS to capture images and video. The forest reserves and national parks in the country are home to many endangered species of birds and mammals. The introduction of conservation drones in these protected zones will be effective in saving animals like the one-horned rhinos, tigers and elephants which are targeted by poachers.

Chitwan -Elephant Safari

Elephants & rhinos at Chitwan National Park (Pic courtesy: NTB)

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