After two years of natural calamities, climbing Everest becomes successful in 2016

climbing everest

“Climbing Everest no doubt is in the bucket list of  every adventure seekers across the globe. Everyone attempts to do it where many achieve it and few battle to achieve it.

May 11 2016, two British Climbers successfully climbed Mount Everest. Everest, which couldn’t be scaled last two years because of the biggest disasters one after another in 2014 & 2015, has been conquered by two Britons on Wednesday. British Climbers Kenton Cool and Robert Lucas stepped at the top of the world making them the first foreign climbers to summit Everest this season. Kenton Cool achieved a significant milestone of being the first British citizen to climb Mt. Everest 12 times. Earlier 9 Sherpa climbers fixed the rope to the summit & had climbed the highest mountain on planet. “

Mexican Climber David Liano Gonzalez also made to the summit on Wednesday. According to Department of Tourism, the total of 289 mountaineers obtained the permit to climb Mount Everest for spring 2016 that also includes 69 climbers reissuing their permits from previous year.

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