Clean-Up Drive at Mount Everest

Are our mountains turning into garbage dump sites? This is the question many of us may ask if we see the garbage littering our beautiful and rugged  mountains. Looking at the pictures below,taken at Mount Everest, we can make out  how climbers, in their race to conquer the mountain, leave behind ugly reminders of their sojourn ; unsightly wastes, defacing the mountain sides.

These pictures  were taken by our climbing guide  Namgyal Sherpa, who acted as  the project director for  ‘Extreme Everest Expedition 2010’ that was organized on Spring 2010 to clean up Mt Everest. The team comprising of 31 members , included 11 porters and 20 mountaineers.They collected around 1,500 kilograms of garbage. Debris collected included oxygen canisters, food containers, discarded tents, ropes and backpacks – all of which was put on display in an exhibition at Everest base camp.

The team also brought back the body of a Swiss climber who died on the mountain in 2008.

Junk at Mt.Everest

Mt Everest clean up drive

Clean up drive Mt Everest

Extreme Everest Expedition

Photos: Namgyal Sherpa

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