Chitwan National Park- A Natural Heritage Site.



Time for an Elephant Safari.

Svend Jensen with his three friends was searching the travel partner here in Nepal after their arrival at TIA. The group had the wonderful time on their own from October 15 to 20. On 21st October Explore Himalaya was provided the opportunity to guide them to Chitwan National Park. Then and there, Explore Himalaya put the all efforts allowing the group to extract the best out of the tour. Chitwan National Park lies 130 km southwest to Kathmandu.


Chitwan National Park- A seasonal habitat of over 525 species of birds.

The park is enlisted in the list of UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. The park is very much popular amongst the wildlife admirers and it is also distinct because it is one of the rare wild abode of of the endangered species like One-horned rhino and the Bengal tiger. Explore Himalaya as usual was exactly able to figure the tour anticipation of the visitors.


Baby Rhino- Searching a Hide-out.

Jensen and the friends had the greatest time in the wild with exceptional Wildlife Safari on October 22. They eventually, enjoyed the cultural show by the locals the same night. After, the wonderful short wildlife tour the group headed to Kathmandu on 23rd. Explore Himalaya escorted them to the TIA on 24th and made the happy see off.


Out of the bush: Can expect many more.

Pics: Explore Himalaya.

Wild life in Nepal is conserved in 16 different wildlife reserves and parks scattered in different parts of the nation.


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