Time-Lapse Cameras Installed at Mt.Everest

Extreme Ice Survey, an American organization involved in glacier study, has installed five special time-lapse cameras in the Everest region to monitor the melting of the glaciers. The organization conducts its study using ground-based, time-lapse photography, conventional photography and video to document the rapid changes occurring on the glaciers. It has already installed 27 time-lapse cameras at 15 sites in Iceland,Greenland, Alaska, and the Rocky Mountains.

In the Everest region, four cameras will be monitoring the Khumbu Glacier while one will be monitoring the Nare Glacier on the south side of Ama Dablam. The cameras powered by solar panels and batteries have been mounted on vertical rock faces by EIS technical team. The captured photos will be automatically stored in the cameras.Technicians will check the cameras and download them for analysis every six months.The time-lapse pictures is expected to provide ground information on the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas.

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