Bisket Jatra in Bhaktapur

Bisket Jatra celebration in Thimi, Bhaktapur

Bisket Jatra is one of the most colorful and boisterous celebration in Bhaktapur.In Thimi, the local crowd celebrate it by carrying the palanquins of Hindu deities across the town square. People smear and throw vermilion , as they carry the palanquin of the deities. Yomaris (Newari rice cake prepared especially during New Year) are thrown from homes towards the Balkumari temple, while the boisterous crowd tries to catch it.According to a local belief, a son will be born to anyone who catches a yomari!

Offerings for the deity

Vermilion on the palanquin of the deity

Bhaktapur Bisket Jatra

Crowds gather to witness the jatra

An old man throws a ‘yomari

The procession continues…

[Photo Credits: Bibek Tamrakar]

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