Birding tour in Nepal with Jim and Cindy Beckman


Jim and Cindy Beckman at the Airport with our Quality Control Officer Mr. Amar Rai

Cheepers Birding Tours led by the members of Board of Directors of Dayton Audubon Soceity Jim and Cindy Beckman offer remarkable birding tours around the world in relatively lower prices. Jim and Cindy led a team of birders this year to Nepal and their birding tour in the major birding destinations of Nepal was organized by Explore Himalaya. We had a short conversation with Jim and Cindy on the Birding Tour right at the airport terminal before their departure back home.


Jim and Cindy Beckman on Birding Tour to Nepal

On Tour

The tour was great; everything went smoothly without a hitch anywhere. We enjoyed the trip so much.

Memorable part of the birding tour

The tents in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve were adventurous enough to stay. We knew it was coming and we really enjoyed it. Birding at Fulchowki, especially the Upper Fulchowki has been our favorite birding destination so far.

Number of Species of Birds Spotted

Almost 370 species of birds were spotted which included few species that we spotted in India. We spotted around 200 species of new birds in Nepal.


Service of Explore Himalaya

We came here last year on a FAM Tour. The reason we came back is because, we know how well you plan things. We knew very well that, all the transitions during the Birding Tour are smooth enough that, we don’t have to worry about anything while traveling with Explore Himalaya. All we can do is put a number in the pocket and call you guys whenever there is a problem. I know you will help us with whatever problem we have. Traveling with Explore Himalaya in Nepal takes the fear out of traveling in a strange country like this. It’s a comfort traveling with you guys. Besides, the people at Explore Himalaya are just like other Nepalese we found, during the birding tour who were very friendly and kind.


Ways to improve birding tours in Nepal

Well Nepal is an ideal destination for birding. However, the birding culture in Nepal has not been flourished yet. I am sure Explore Himalaya can make it happen. There only one thing, the birding guides need to be trained well. The guides are enthusiastic and are very good guides with the resources they have. Let the birding guides explore the woods with the better optics and tape recorder. Let them experience- they will learn by doing it.


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