Best of Nepal – Culture, nature & adventure

We would not hesitate to call this tour the Best of Nepal Tour because it incorporates the best of Nepal’s culture, wildlife, nature and adventure.

The country better known for Himalayas and the adventurous walking activities to the elevated landmarks closer to the Himalayas also caters equally fascinating culture, rich wildlife, matchless urban nature and the thrilling adventures. And the Best of Nepal is a blend all these wonderful highlights Nepal caters without trekking to the elevated regions.


best of nepal kathmandu

Our Best of Nepal Tour takes you to three major cities of the country i.e. Kathmandu Pokhara and Chitwan. These cities of Nepal are the biggest tourist hubs known for the contrasting extraordinary treasures they house.

The tour is also considered the best of Nepal because travelers have plenty of options for lavish stay as three towns house the best hotels and restaurants of the country, with all the modern facilities and amenities.

Let us see why we call this tour the Best of Nepal Tour

Kathmandu – where culture is older than the countries like USA & Australia

If you are entering Nepal via air, you need to tolerate Kathmandu. The first experience of Kathmandu for many is not good. The sights, sounds and smells of Kathmandu for most of westerners definitely give them the cultural shock. However, travelers slowly begin to like Kathmandu.

best of nepal newar

The metropolis choke full of traffics and pedestrians has so much to offer. The cobbled maze streets of Old Town Asan that lead to the site of artistic and cultural Heritage Square – the Kathmandu Durbar Square cater abundant opportunities to understand the culture of this ancient town. The city known as the melting point of Hinduism and Buddhism also houses the largest Hindu shrine of the country, Pashupatinath and two major Buddhist stupas – Boudhanath and Swayambhunath.

Moreover, the neighboring towns Bhaktapur and Lalitpur are not less fascinating culturally and artistically as all these towns went through tough Art War with each other for centuries. Additionally, the culture of native community of all three cities, Newars is wonderful aspect to observe in Kathmandu.

best of nepal kathmandu lifestyle


Newars are the families of artists, who designed every tiny creation of the valley bit by bit. They are the families of the celebrators, who throughout the year are involved in celebrating the most vibrant festivals of the country and they are the families of the indigenous cooks, who are admired for cooking the most delicious and traditional Newari cuisines.

Pokhara – from where 8000m+ Himalayan peak loom dramatically in 30 km radius

Pokhara is truly a dream town where everyone likes to settle down permanently. Perfect weather throughout the year, lush green hills that ring the valley and the spectacular views of the Himalayas dominated by Virgin Mountain Fishtail, Pokhara is unarguably a heaven on Earth.

best of nepal pokhara

This Lake Town that lies 200km west of Kathmandu is the most popular stopover point for trekkers to Annapurna and Mustang Region to spend significant amount of quality time before and after the trek. The tourist hub in Pokhara, Lakeside that lies in the shore of verdant Fewa Lake is full of life catering live music and colorful souvenir shops.

best of nepal adventure

Apart from soft adventures like boating in Fewa Lake and excursion of caves and gorges of the town, Pokhara is the most popular adventurous hub of Nepal. Among several hilltops that cater the magnificent views of the Himalayas and Sarangkot is one of them. Sarangkot is the most special hilltop in Pokhara because it is from here the Aerial Adventure as if Paragliding takes place.

Besides, the city is also the home to Aadventures like zip-flying, bungee jumping, Ultra-light flights and skydiving. The soft adventures like Mountain Biking and day hiking are also the popular activities Of Pokhara.

Chitwan – where the endangered wild species are sheltered for generations to come

When it comes to the wildlife adventure in Nepal, Chitwan National Park is the first destination most people think of. UNESCO World Heritage, protected park spreads over 932 sq km with wetlands, grasslands and woodlands.

best of nepal chitwan

The park caters one of the best wildlife activities of entire Asia. If you are a wildlife lover, Chitwan National Park has plenty of wildlife activities for you. Elephant Safari, dugout canoe ride, Jeep drive, nature walk, elephant bathing and bird-watching tours are the most popular activities of Chitwan National Park. All these activities are full of fun catering you an opportunity to sight as much as species of mammals, reptiles and birds.

However, spotting a wild species in the wilds needs bit of luck. The home to one horned rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger, the park also houses rare gangetic dolphin and 544 species of birds.

best of nepal tharu culture


Plus, the opportunity to enjoy glimpses of Tharu culture in the neighborhood of Chitwan National Park is an additional cultural activity attached with the incredible wildlife park of Nepal.


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