Being normal after the quake

PATA Nepal Chapter helps Earthquake Victims
PATA Nepal Chapter helps Earthquake Victims

Nepal, the seismic prone Himalayan country has centuries old relationship with the earthquake. The first ever recorded earthquake that hit Nepal was on June 7th 1255, with the moment magnitude of 7.7. Every time the quake has devastated the country, it stood up against all adversities to preserve its cultural legacy, it has maintained to balance its economic status and it has found its way through all hardships to remain the sovereign country.

The earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 2015, was the most devastating natural calamity after 82 years. On 1934 January 16th, the earthquake of 8.4 moment magnitude that hit Nepal killed more than 8000 people and demolished more than hundred thousand houses. We stood up then and we will stand up now.

Though Nepal and the Nepalese are going through the biggest tragedy of the century, hopes have not been faded away completely. We shed tears to see homeless, we offer heartfelt condolences to all the victims and we in collaboration with PATA Nepal Chapter have put every possible efforts to serve the affected communities. 

Our Heritage Site partly destructed partly intact
Our Heritage  sites still intact- all isn’t lost

During the tragic moment, Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure urges all Nepalese to stand up united and focus on reconstructing all the communities, habitats and historic monuments we have lost during the quake. Let us move on and share whatever we have and however we can with those who have lost their dear ones during the devastation. Let us together built “New Nepal” we have been dreaming for years. 

For the international community we thank you all for supporting us during our biggest tragedy.

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