Adventure activities in Nepal

Nepal is a country where nature and culture melt so perfectly, that the blend of these fascinating factors, travelers crave to see overflows in most of the destinations of Nepal.

The synonym of walking adventure associated with soaring heights is Nepal. In the latest years, Nepal is the hub of adventurous activities in the sky, water and land. Adrenaline junkies across the world travel to this corner of the world to satisfy their hearts with adrenaline hunger.

High Himalayan ranges in north, lowland plains in the south and lush green hills in between makes this small landlocked country geographically diverse. Rivers fed by glacial lakes in the base of lofty Himalayan peaks are raging liquid highways catering thrilling water activities that include rafting and kayaking.

The deep gorges through which these raging rivers flow are the best destinations for bungee jumping. The open skies above the towering Himalayan giants are meant for the highest altitude skydiving. The steep rocky cliffs are ideal for rock climbing and keeping beneath the splendid town like Pokhara is ideal for paragliding and ultra-light flights. Besides, the rugged terrains in the foot of Himalayas are great destination for pedaling adventures.

As many believe “Big things come in a small package”, Nepal justifies the beliefs of many catering diverse activities for travelers having diverse preferences.

Here have a look at the glimpses of Adventure activities in Nepal.

Skydiving in Nepal


Rafting in Nepal

Ultralight Flights in Nepal

Canyoning in Nepal



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