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A glimpse of Patan Durbar Square.

From February 27 to March 10, 2012 Ms. Jensen Sys and Ms. Helle Merete from Denmark were on the tour of Nepal. The guests through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel experienced several cultural and adventurous affluence of Nepal. Their holiday was bursting as they covered the cultural paradises at Kathmandu, bumped into the villages practicing the medieval times at Khokana and Bungmati, trekked to mid-hills at Samari and Nuwakot for the home-stays, satisfied their adventure hungry stimulated hearts during the breathtaking rafting at Trishuli, enjoyed the mesmerizing views and cool breeze at Bandipur, captured the exotic beauties in the nature at Pokhara and went for the wildlife safari at Chitwan National Park.

green pokhara

Green Pokhara.

Their tour in Nepal was exceptionally jam-packed with diverse locations and adventurous thrills. A fortnight in Nepal for them was convincingly fun and relaxing. The cultural encounters of ethnical groups like Newaris, Tamangs, Tharus and Gurungs were noticeably unique as well as the stony, wooden and metal figurines and architectures in the shrines and monuments of Kathmandu were absolute inspiring. The wildlife adventure and the thrilling raft were the everlasting memories. The excursion to the intense natural city; Pokhara was a great pleasing moment.


Time for a raft

On 11 March, 2012 the visitors waved us a goodbye with thankful smiles on their faces at the Nepalese Airport.

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