Everest Skydive

In 2008 Explore Himalaya played a key role in organizing a record breaking event in the Nepal Himalayas: Everest Skydive. The event was dubbed as adventure of the year and made it straight to the record books for being the first of its kind in the history of the Himalayas. Many who were involved in this event went on to create world records. This event generated worldwide attention to the remote hamlet of Shyangboche, in the Everest Himalayas where this event took place. Everest Skydive is now an annual event.

The historic Everest Skydive event came to a finale today. 41 Solo and Tandem Jumpers skydived in front of the World’s Highest Peak and landed on the highest drop zone in the world, Shyangboche (12,350ft.). Their names have made it the international record books.

1st Group

In the first group, except for Fareed Lafta who jumped from an altitude 18,000ft, the rest of the dives were made from 29,500ft.

SNNameCountrySolo/TandemLanding Time(local)
1.Fareed LaftaIraqSolo6:24 AM
2.Christophe De PauwBelgiumSolo6:25 AM
3.Wendy SmithNew ZealandSolo6:43 AM
4.Steve Hennessey (Australian) & Peter Baker (British)Australia / BritainTandem6:44 AM

2nd Group

Except for Martin Preston who jumped from a height of 19,000ft., the rest of the jumps were made from 29,500ft.

SNNameCountrySolo/TandemLanding Time(local)
1.Martin PrestonBritainSolo7:37 AM
2.Omar AlhegelanUSASolo7:54 AM
3.Ryan JacksonBritainSolo7:55 AM
4.Ralph Mitchell (British) & Molly Beddingfield (British)BritainTandem7:57 AM

3rd Group – 29,500ft.

SNNameCountrySolo/TandemLanding Time(local)
1.Wendy SmithNew ZealandSolo8:45 AM
2.Steve Hennessey (Australian) & William Thomason (Kiwi)Australia / New ZealandTandem8:48 AM
3.Namira Salim (Pakistani) & Tom Noonan (American)Pakistan / USATandem8:50 AM

4th Group – 29,500ft.

SNNameCountrySolo/TandemLanding Time(local)
1.Omar AlhegelanUSASolo10:25 AM
2.Fareed LaftaIraqSolo10:26 AM
3.Martin PrestonBritainSolo10:27 AM
4.Christophe De PauwBelgiumSolo10:27 AM
5.Derek ThomasUSASolo10:28 AM



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