A fixed abode of nature itself: Pokhara.



Rural life nearby Pokhara.

Mr. Nigel Worboys and Mrs. Caroline Worboys had the wish to tour the beautiful naturally blessed city, Pokhara in the Western Nepal. Explore Himalaya had the best arrangement for the couple. The very next day the couple arrived to Nepal; they had the flight to Pokhara on November 27.


Fast flowing Seti River penetrates Pokhara.

At Pokhara, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge was ready to provide the best hospitality for the couple. Tiger Mountain is at half an hour drive from Pokhara . It is the best lodge to experience the ideal rural environment with the striking view of the city beneath it and obviously the wide range of glittering Himalaya’s right in front of it.


Water rushes towards mysterious Davis-fall.

Next day the couple was on a walk in the nearby village with the English speaking guide. They used the opportunity so well to get closer to the rural Nepalese culture. On November 29, they had the sightseeing tour around the lakes, gorges, hilltops and caves of Pokhara.


Entrance to Mahendra Cave.

Their tour around Pokhara needed one more day for the free self excursion on November 30. After the short but very memorable vacation in Pokhara the couple flew back to Kathmandu on December 1. On second they were on the plane to fly back home.

Fewa Lake, Pokhara.

Pics: Explore Himalaya.

Apart from Himalayas Nepal offers lots of other options for the wonderful vacation with Explore Himalaya.

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