A brief look back to 2015 & wishes of happy New Year 2016

visit nepal 2016

2015 has been a tragic year for Nepal and the Nepalese. The month of April was truly the toughest month for the country. People’s heart and life shook like they’ve never shook before, due to the devastation caused by 7.9 moment magnitude quake. Many lost their lives, shelters of many were grounded, and several glorified monuments that manifested rich Nepalese culture and phases of ancient civilization turned into rubbles.  Everyone who witnessed such degree of natural calamity, still fear the nature and hate to remember the moment that drowned entire country into scarcity, homelessness and tears. However, the strike by the nature brought the leaders at a common standpoint and hence the constitution that was not being able to be redeemed for seven years was finally delivered. As the Nepalese constitution was pitched, the Indian undeclared Blockade caused serious crisis of fuels and another necessary products throughout the country. And, because of the Blockade, which is still ongoing Nepalese economy has defiantly suffered a heavy lost.

visit nepal 2016

As Marianne Williamson said “Every Ending Is a Starting of a new Beginning” surely if taken in an optimistic way, the whole phenomenon can be a new beginning to all the Nepalese and the whole country.  The best moments of the year was the harmony and the vast level of nationalism shown by all Nepalese brothers and sisters. And we are grateful for all the International supporters who helped Nepal in time of grief.

Plus The Declaration of the New Constitution this year gave a new hope to the people. It is sign that we are in the verge new beginning and moving towards modernization. Over all it has been a learning experience to all the Nepalese. Now all of us realize how fragile our life is! And how important it is, “To live the life at its fullest.”.

visit nepal 2016

Bygones are bygones and hence we all Nepalese hopefully hope against the hope that we have better years to come. We tourism professionals are still so optimistic that one day, Nepal will become the chief destination for high altitude adventure tourism. Hence, we urge every traveller to give higher priorities for Nepalese destination when you make your travel plans in 2016. Nepal needs you more than ever. Finally, we wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2016 in advance and once again we request you to travel to Nepal, which will help Nepal and the Nepalese to bounce back better.

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