10 Reasons to travel to Nepal


nepal1. Himalayas:

A section of eight hundred miles of Himalayas fall in the Nepalese territory. The northern Nepal is  a wide wall of soaring Himalayas. The major portion of the Himalayas in Nepal stand high bordering to China. Nepal shares the highest number of 8000ers. Eight out of 14 8000ers lie in the Himalayas of Nepal including the world’s highest peak Everest. More than ninety 7000ers and 1365 6000ers lie in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Himalayas of Nepal are considered as trekkers paradise. Soft adventurous treks for panoramic mountain views, moderate treks to the Base Camp of Himalayan giants, and challenges of scaling peaks of different elevation from 5000m to Everest 8848m are prime attractions associated with the Himalayas in Nepal.

himalayas2. Lumbini

Lumbini is a different world of eternal tranquility and comfort. Lumbini, a place where Gautama Buddha was born offers comfort to your brain and revitalizes your soul. The sacred Puskarani Pond where queen Mayadevi bathed before she gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama and Gautama took his first dip, Ashoka Pillar the memorial monument built by Muryan King Ashoka, Mayadevi Garden, and the ruins of ancient Lumbini have significant archaeological values in Lumbini. The newly constructed monasteries by several governments in the monastic zone of Lumbini are also the prime highlights of Lumbini.

lumbini3. Kathmandu

Streets, jam-packed with Kathamanduians and honking vehicles, the aura of spicy Newari cuisines in the streets, verdant hills surrounding the valley, devotees thronging to the scattered monasteries and temples, historical courtyards and busiest metro life of Nepal- Kathmandu is the colorful cosmopolitan city where modernity fantastically blends with the cultural practices of ancient times. The home of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kathmandu is the largest city of shrines and city of gods. Hinduism, Buddhism and the traditional Newari culture are equally lived out in Kathmandu.

Patan Durbar Square4. People

Hindered by 100 problems, yet expressing a beautiful smile- Nepalese are probably the most wonderful people in the world.  It is their nature to simply live a life happily despite of several problems. Nepalese considered the guests as Gods and express the selfless hospitality towards them. Despite of huge cultural contrast in people ethnically and regionally, Nepal is an exemplary nation of unity in diversity. Kindness, bravery, honesty and helpfulness are the attributes attached with Nepalese. Nepal is one of the safest places to travel alone simply because of good hearted Nepalese.


5. Nature

From the elevation of 70m at Kachan Kalan in the lower Terai region to the Everest’s peak 8848m in the northern border, every bit of Nepal is blessed with nature. The wide plains in the lower Terai, dense woods in the small hills of Chure, breathtaking valleys surrounded by the lofty green hills, rushing rivers through the world’s deepest gorges, wide mountain deserts on the way to Himalayas, cobalt blue glacial lakes, soaring Himalayan peaks arranged like perfect set of teeth in the northern border are all enchanting landscapes in Nepal. Besides, the views of Himalayas glittering during the sunrise and sunsets from the popular hill-stations like Nagarkot, Poonhill, Sarangkot, Daman  are even more mesmerizing. Moreover, the city of Natural Wonders, Pokhara is undoubtedly, the most admired city by millions of travelers to Nepal.

pokhara6. Weather

The weather of Nepal is ideal. December, January and February are extremely cold in the Himalayas. However, the Hilly and Terai regions have warm sunlight during the days despite of cold mornings and nights. March and April and most of the times in May have the best weather in Nepal. It is neither cold nor hot. The sunlight is warm throughout the day. Skies are clear. June and July are the rainy days in Nepal.  Before the beginning of winter during September, October and November we have pleasant days with warm sunlight and paramount evenings and mornings in Nepal.

weather-in-himalayas7. Rivers

Nepal houses more than 6000 rivers and rivulets flowing through the deep canyons of Himalayas to the wide plains of Terais. Rivers in Nepal have immense religious values. During the Hindu funerals the corpses are burnt to ashes at the River banks. Funeral rituals ongoing in the bank of Bagmati River at Aryaghat can be easily observed in Kathmandu itself. Besides, rivers in Nepal offer the thrilling water adventures. White water rafting, kayaking and canoeing in the Rivers like, Trishuli, Marsangdi, Kali, Seti, Bhote Koshi, Karnali and many more are the best opted  in the world to experience the rapids of Himalayan Rivers.

White Water Thrill8. Wildlife

Home of 14 wildlife parks and conservation areas, Nepal is a must travel destination for wildlife lovers. Beyond doubt Nepal is a hub for wildlife adventures. The wildlife safaris in Nepal are hosted in the lush vegetation of lowland Terai which are the paradises for the rare species like Bengal Tiger and one-horned Rhino, migratory birds and the enormous reptiles including the rare Ghariyal [a rare species of crocodile]. Wildlife Safari in Nepal includes the thrilling ride on the back of giant Asian Elephant and bird watching sessions during these safaris are equally pleasant experience. Jungle drive to the deep  woods along the mishmash roads is no way less exciting. Nature walks in the wilds take you even closer to the nature and canoe ride in the Jungle Rivers offer you with the opportunities to witness the aquatic wildlife. Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park are UNESCO enlisted World Heritage Sites for conserving wildlife.


 9. Sky

Skies in Nepal are full of activities. The electrifying sky adventures adorn the Nepalese skies most of the times of the year. The elite adventure over the top of the world Everest- Everest Skydiving, the ultra light flights towards the walls of towering peaks, extraordinary paragliding, spine-tingling bungee jumps, hair raising zip-lining and luxurious helicopter tours to the lap of 8000ers are all happening sky adventures in Nepal.

skydive10. Jatras (festivals)

It is believed that every day a festival of some kind is celebrated at least in one territory of Nepal. Nepal, a culturally and ethnically diverse nation is always in the festive mood. Besides, the cultural festivals like Indra-jatra, Ghode-jatra, Gai-jatra, Holi, Lhosar, Mani Rimdu, Tiji, Tihar, Shiv Ratri, ropai-jatra, Dashain, Teej etc. Nepal also celebrates the regional festivals like Pokhara Street Festival, Far Western Festival, Lali Guras Festival in Dhampus, Hetauda Mahotsav and so on throughout the year. A tour in Nepal especially during the springs and autumns will offer the travelers an opportunity to celebrate at least an interesting festival.


Bonus reason why Nepal is an ideal holiday location?

Food,  in Nepal is the delicious blend of Indian and Chinese food. The authentic Nepali cuisines are rather more scrumptious. The cuisines of all over the world are available in the cities as well as during the the treks to the highlands.



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