Everest Expedition- Good luck Steve

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steve obbayi

Steve Obbayi from Kenya flew to Nepal in 2014, attempting to become the first Kenyan to summit Mt. Everest. However, the destiny had other plans. The treacherous Khumbu Icefall without warning broke apart, swept away the lives of 16 Sherpa Climbers, and shattered the hearts of millions. The world was shocked and the expeditions for the entire year were abandoned. Steve and his crew had no choice and they returned back with the devastated hearts.

Explore Himalaya expresses heartfelt condolence to all the Climbers who lost their lives during catastrophic incident in the Himalayas.

Steve Obbayi is once again in the mountains of Nepal preparing to summit the Everest. We wish Steve would return from the mountains being the first Kenyan to summit the Everest. Good Luck Steve.

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The Festival of Energy- Bisket Jatra

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Bisket Jatra, Bhaktapur

When it comes to celebration of Jatras or Festivals, the people of Kathmandu Valley manifest amazing energy, the Bisket Jatra itself is the festival of highest level of energy, and truly speaking it is the festival of devoted aggression.

Bisket jatra is one of the major jatras in Nepal celebrated in Bhaktapur. This jatra is celebrated for 8nights and 9days. This festival is held annually during the New year of Nepal i.e. Bikram Sambat. This jatra is devoted towards two major deities, Bhairav and Bhadrakali. Few days past the New Year, these deities are preserved in the sacred chariot (Rath) and pulled to Bhaktapur  Durbar Square through cobbled maze streets  by the energetic crowd. The Rath stays there for a certain period and people from the city come to worship their deities.

The day before New Year, a huge wooden pole (Lingo) is raised at a corner of the town with a long banner hung, which symbolizes the victory of mythological battle. On the day of New Year, the Lingo is pulled down to the ground marking the end of old year.

Bisket Jatra, Bhaktapur

Here we have few photographs of Bisket Jatra- have a look.




Capturing best of Nepal’s diverse culture and nature with Nathan Horton

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Photography Tour in Nepal


Nathan Horton’s Photography Tour in Nepal runs twice a year. His tour during March incorporates Holi, the festival of colors and during October, the tour comprises the biggest Hindu Festival of the country, Dashain.  The Photography Tour led by Mr. Horton during Holi starts with a street stroll from Thamel to Kathmandu Durbar Square, where thousands of natives and travelers celebrate Holi in the grandest possible way. Prior to the Holi celebration at Kathmandu Durbar Square, early morning sunrise view from Swyambhunath the “Monkey temple” is the ideal kick off to this photography tour.

Photography Tour in Nepal


Photography Tour with this widely published Photographer also covers medieval times artistic centers of  this Heritage Valley, where clusters of artistically constructed palaces and courtyards of hold equally fascinating miniature wooden, metal and stone figurines. Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square are two chief destinations after Kathmandu Durbar Square, where the narrowed stone paved streets around these places are considered as the Living Museum.  

The largest Hindu Shrine Pashupatinath, the largest Buddhist Stupa Boudhanath and the Monkey Temple Swayambhunath are also the great destinations covered during the Photography Tour in Nepal with Nathan Horton. Pashupatinath manifests total Hinduism whereas; Boudhanath and Swayambhunath are known for the culture of Tibetan Buddhist.


Photography Tour in Nepal


Offbeat hiking experience in Nuwakot, the first capital of Unified Nepal and surrounding areas offers the opportunity to photograph the rural culture of Nepal and the midhill landscapes, which are obviously the great shots for the camera. The forts, palaces and temples to roam around and the stay at famous farm will surely give you a nice idea of old rural houses in Nepal. The tour invades the cliffs and edges of hilltops to find human settlements like Kallabari and Purano Pani to know more of native people “Tamangs” and their portraits of course!

The photography tour takes us to the second most visited places of the country- the land of lakes and peaks reflecting on it, Pokhara. On the very same day, when we arrive to Pokhara, we visit the World Peace Pagoda, which is a Buddhist stupa; a monument to inspire peace, designed to provide a focus for people of all races and creeds and to help unite them in search for world peace.


Photography Tour in Nepal


The drive to the village of Dhampus, which is famous for the culture of Gurung Tribe (dominating creed in British Gurkha Regiment) and the surrounding landscapes commanded by wonderful Himalayan panorama is a fascinating photography opportunity in Annapurna Region.

Finally, the Photography Tour led by Horton takes you to Kathmandu’s oldest settlements; Bungmati and Khokana. Travel back to the time in these villages and capture the lifestyle that has been the integral part of these communities for centuries.

Photography Tour in Nepal


Overall, the Photography Tour in Nepal with Nathan Horton is a complete package that takes aspiring photographers to the diverse destinations, where they can capture the best of Nepal’s diverse culture and outstanding nature.


Proposing a girlfriend at 5545m- just to make sure she says “Yes”

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Proud to play a small role in their especial trip- Alexandre & Noemie


Gokyo, Kalapatthar and Everest Base Camp Trek is an ultimate trekking adventure, that takes to you to the lap of Mt. Everest traversing across the high Cho La Pass 5420m. It is an opportunity to trek to the summit of both Gokyo Ri 5340m and Kala Pattar 5554m for experiencing the magnificent views of the mighty Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu and Cho Oyu.  In addition, the glacial walk to Everest Base Camp will give you an opportunity to savor the glimpse of “The spectacular Khumbu Icefall”, which is a lifetime experience for trekkers. Diverse landscape, floras and faunas of the Himalayas, Sherpa people and their culture are another exciting experiences offered during the trek.

This March Alexandre Wirth and Noemie Pomart had  Gokyo, Kalapatthar and Everest Base Camp Trek with us. After the completion of their trek, they had a short conversation with us.

Have a look.

EH: How was your trek?

Alexandre: The starting of the trip was a different experience within itself. Landing at the Lukla airport was one of the most exciting things I have ever done.

Noemie: The overall trip was a very fantastic experience for both of us. Every day was very special, and the magnificent landscapes in every turn were pretty amazing and breathtaking. The first glimpse of the mighty Everest was just “Fabulous”.


The thrilling airstrips of Lukla

EH: How was our team assigned to cater services during your trek?

Alexandre: The crew and support team of Explore Himalaya was very good, especially our guide Sanu was a fun to be with, joking and smiling all the time.

 Noemie: He took very good care of us.

EH: What did you like about the people and place?

Alexandre: The streets are particularly for us, it’s like jungle, but very colorful and exciting. People are very friendly as well. And we love the place…

Sherpa Kid in Khumbu

The smiling Sherpa kid of Khumbu

EH: What is the most memorable moment of your trek?

Noemie: The whole trip was very special for me because, when we reached Kalapatthar, my boyfriend asked me to get married. “That was a big surprise”…

EH: Proposing a girlfriend at 5545m is a very good idea, isn’t it?

Alexandre: Just to make sure she says yes.

EH: Describe the whole experience in one word?

Noemie: “Amazing”

Alexandre:  “Fantastic”

Himalayan landscapes of Khumbu


Experiencing the city and village life – Kathmandu and Bandipur

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Recently Mr. Nelms had a customized tour to Nepal with Explore Himalaya including Kathmandu, Pokhara and Bandipur. During this trip, he had a chance to explore the cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu valley and to submerge in the natural beauty of Pokhara. He experienced the typical village life and the authentic Newari culture at Bandipur.

Pashupati nath

The whole trip had been an incredible memory for him. Here he writes his testimonial on his tour to Nepal. The best memory of this trip was to walk in the locality of Bandipur and the sightseeing of Patan Durbar Square. The meeting and handling was excellent. The hotels were very good. The guides were all very interesting and informative. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. I'd not hesitate to recommend other fellow travelers to book their service with Explore Himalaya.

Everest Base Camp & Kalapatthar Trek – few more testimonials

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Everest Base Camp Trek One of the most popular treks of Nepal; Everest Base Camp & Kalapatthar Trek  gives trekkers an opportunity to stand below the mighty Everest at the elevation of 5357m. The major highlights of this trek are diverse landscapes, floras and faunas and Himalayan culture. Recently some of our clients had a trek to Everest Base Camp & Kalapatthar. Here’s what they say about their trip.
The best memory for us was a great and wonderful adventure with the guide, porters and the kind people of Nepal. The meeting and handling was great. Mr. Khadga Oli had been very kind with us. Hotels were great too. Hotel Marsyangdi was a good hotel located near from all interesting places. Our city guide was very good. The trek guide was very professional. The staffs of Explore Himalaya were very good. We’ll book our next travel with Explore Himalaya to live a wonderful adventure with professional staffs. Thank you so much for making our trip successful.
Mr. Stephane Gaucher & Ms. Gisele Gaucher from France (1st March 2015 – 17th March 2015)  
Standing below the Top of the world at the elevation of 5357m was one of the best moments we’ll remember for our entire life. The journey to Everest Base Camp was truly exceptional. The service of Explore Himalaya was flawless. The meeting and handling was great. Hotels were all good. The guides were very knowledgeable.  The staffs were very good. I’d not hesitate recommending any fellow traveler to book their tour in Nepal with Explore Himalaya.
Mr. Christian Maurice with Ms. Francine Lydie Maron & Mr. Bertnard Emile Fernand Ghislain DevLeeSchauwer from France (7th March 2015 – 23rd March 2015)  

Photography Tour in Nepal & Bhutan- great photographic experience

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Photography Tour in Nepal, which includes culturally opulent destinations of Nepal and fascinating easy trek to Poonhill is wonderfully diverse holiday in photographic perspective. Recently, Jeremy Clayton Woodhouse led the team of photographers from Australia and United States of America to these places in Nepal. The Team of Photographers also explored Bhutan for the Photography Tour.

Photography Tour in Nepal


Ms. Arial McIntyre Lang, one of the members of the team says some beautiful lines on their Photography Tour in Nepal and Bhutan with us.


The best memory of our trip was the view from Poonhill. From Poonhill we were really blessed with the view. Though I became ill, the night we reached Ghorepani, the guide encouraged me and took care of me so wonderfully that I could see through the top.

The Services of Explore Himalaya was flawless throughout our Photography Tour in Nepal and Bhutan. Meeting and handling was great, clear, concise and helpful. We stayed in great hotels. Both our guides cared about their country; they were informative and flexible with Photography constraints.

Overall, we had great photographic experience. However, I would recommend to add great Boudhanath stupa to the itinerary at 4 PM and to add one extra day in Trongsa.


Photography tour in Kathmandu- here’s the list of five amazing photographic destinations in Kathmandu

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In the city where everyone draws a bead to live a well off sophisticated life, the ancient values and culture has occupied larger space within the hearts of every individual living in world’s one of the greatest immingled cities, Kathmandu.

Only destination in Nepal that every photographer would like to spend more time filming vibrant and colorful shots for their photography archive is Kathmandu. Here we have five major destinations for Photography Tour in Kathmandu, which cater you a chance of capturing fleeting moments of lives in Kathmandu, which are grander than the life itself.




Kathmandu Durbar Square

The home to Living Goddess, Kumari and the ancient palace of kings of Kathmandu, from where they ruled this tiny kingdom in the past, Kathmandu Durbar Square is the hub of Kathmandu’s ancient culture and holds Kathmandu’s incredible legacy of medieval time architecture. UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, Kathmandu Durbar Square has cluster of artistic monuments and squares as old as more than 500 years.

Photographing in and around Kathmandu Durbar Square is a grand feast for the lens, where modern day life of Kathmandu ideally blends with the rich history of old Kathmandu. Grab an opportunity to capture the greatest moments of Kathmandu’s casual lifestyle of the modern days, hold your patience to seize the glimpse of Living Goddess Kumari through the lens, allow your cameras to shoot the remains of Hippy Tourism at Freak Street and shoot the images of artistic monuments and the deities inside them.




If you want film Tibet beyond Tibet-, go Boudhanath. The largest dome shaped Stupa in Asia where the sacred Buddhist prayer “Om Mani Padme hum” soothes the environment from dawn to dusk is one of the largest photography destinations in Kathmandu. Historic stopover point for traders and scholars traveling to Tibet from South, Boudhanath is truly a Tibet inside Nepal. The colorful prayer flags fluttering from the pinnacle of this UNESCO World Heritage Site touch the base of this circular monument and watchful eyes of Boudhanath always seem to protect its devotees. Maroon robed monks circumnavigating Boudhanath and devotees demonstrating their devotion in several ways are great shots for the camera at Boudhanath.

Filming in Boudhanath is also wonderful because this is a place, where elderly citizens of Tibetan origin gather in the morning and evening to socialize. Plus, myriads of outlets that ring this giant stupa produce and sell Tibetan products such as butter lamps, thankas, Tsompa, herbal medicines and paintings among others.






A journey to the spiritual self-emerged Buddhist stupa atop a hill overlooking Kathmandu is the great photography trip inside Kathmandu. The geological research has verified the fact that Swayambhunath was in existence during the 4th century. Crowded monkeys throughout the vicinity justify its name, the Monkey Temple. The helter-skelter mix up of Buddhist and Hindu iconography, Swayambhunath highlights the sparkling white stupa with the top of aureate steeple painted with the watchful eyes of Gautama Buddha.

Photography tour of Syambhunath during the mornings and evenings heightens the opportunity for photographers as they can capture the authentic atmosphere of this sacred site. The aroma of incense and butter lamps dominating the entire atmosphere and the devotees circumambulating the stupa spinning the prayer wheels at its bases are great cultural shots at Swayambhunath.






Nepal’s largest and the holiest Hindu shrine, Pashupatinath lies on the banks of Bagmati River. Photography around Pashupatinath is full of activities that manifest Hindu rituals. An UNESCO World Heritage Site Pashupatinath Temple has so much to offer in photography perspective.

Holy saints gallivanting around in their peculiar looks, vendors selling prayer requirements and the activities of thousands of local and foreign devotees are great rewards for the lens at Pashupatinath. Moreover, the long array of small temples and sacred Shiva Lingams surrounding the golden hooded main temple are also great shots at Pashupatinath. Off beat material for the cameras at Pashupatinath include the Hindu cremation procedures, which goes on at Aryaghat (the bank of Bagmati) 24/7. Capturing the best of Hindu rituals in Nepal is no doubt at Pashupatinath. If you are in Nepal during the festivals like Mahashivratri or Teej, bother to visit this site as you can make some of the best photographs of Nepal, which portray the rich culture of Hinduism in Nepal.






Old Asan Bazaar

Thinking of street photography in Kathmandu, go for the walk around Old Asan Bazaar. Nowhere in Kathmandu caters the best street photography over this bustling old town Asan. The narrow streets, with choke full pedestrians and as many two-wheelers, Asan is the integral place of Kathmandu lifestyle.

Capture ongoing street trades, shoot culturally attired natives and have a pleasure shooting the oldest settlement of Kathmandu. Couple of hours walk around Asan caters thousands of shots that could provide you an opportunity to film something noteworthy that could amaze the eyes of western societies. If you are in Kathmandu and planning to capture weirdly amazing images into your camera visit Asan by yourself and see what you get.


Photo courtesy to Nathan Horton & Marius Coetzee



39th PATA AGM- Mr. Pandey once again elected the Chairman of Nepal Chapter

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Firstly, we would like to congratulate Mr. Suman Pandey, for being elected as the Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter from the 39th AGM of PATA Nepal Chapter. We would like to congratulate newly elected entire team of PATA Nepal Chapter and wish them as a successful term.

pata nepal AGM

 Suman Pandey, Chairman PATA Nepal Chapter

Pacific Asia Travel Association has played a leading role in promoting tourism industry globally and regionally and PATA Nepal chapter has proved itself as a forum of dynamic tourism entrepreneurs from all the cross section of Nepalese travel trade. The entire Tourism Industry of Nepal believes that guidance from the able and visionary leadership  of Mr. Pandey the experienced and young team of PATA Nepal Chapter not only will maintain and sustain the PATA legacy but will reach new heights. pata nepal AGM

Honorable Finance Minister Ram Saran Mahat shares his words of wisdom

We were delighted to have honourable Finance Minister Dr. Ram Saran Mahat as the Chief Guest in the program. Despite his extremely busy schedule as the Finance Minister of Nepal Government he was among us and I would like extend our sincere gratitude for joining us and boosting our energy to lead and generate greater outputs in Nepalese Tourism.  Thank you so much Honorable Minister for gracing the occasion with your presence. pata nepal AGM

Inspiring speech- Mr. Udaya Shamsher Rana

Special thanks to Mr. Udaya Samsher Rana, guest of honor and Honorable Member of Parliament and Constitution Assembly of Nepal. We were very much honoured to have you there, thank you sir. Please accept our heartfelt thanks Mr. Suresh Man Shrestha, Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Chairman of Nepal Tourism Board. We were honoured today with the presence of Chairman of Indian Association of Tour Operators as the keynote speaker. Thank you so much for your kind presence and enlightening words and vision. pata nepal AGM

Dignitaries attending 39th PATA AGM

We would also like to thank Mr. Basanta Mishra, Secretary cum treasures of PATA and former Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter. Similarly we would like to thank all the past PATA members for being with us till today. Equally we are thankful to all the travel trade fraternity for joining 39th AGM of PATA Nepal Chapter. Hotel Annapurna deserves special thanks as the Hospitality partner.   pata nepal AGM

 PATA Nepal Chapter- the team


Pixel Chrome Nepal Photography Tour

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Explore Himalaya recently had an opportunity to operate a week-long photography tour to Kathmandu’s world heritage sites, which was led by Mr. Jeremy Woodhouse with three fellow photographers from America and an Australian photographer Mr. McConville.  Mr. Woodhouse a noteworthy and well published photographer manifests his photographs through

Gallivanting through ancient bazaars(markets) and medieval palace squares ,exploring ancient Newari villages which are mostly living museums and religiously significant shrines of local deities- the photography tour in Kathmandu was a grand success.

  Nepal Photography tourbegan with early morning sunrise view from a hill on the west of the city “the famous monkey temple” Swayambhunath, where  people circumnavigating the self-emerged big dome with the first sunlight was a great sight. Capturing these lifestyles of Tibetan Buddhists at Swayambhunath to soak oneself in Kathmandu valley bliss was grander. Bhaktapur, the city of devotees is considered another photographic hub inside Kathmandu Valley. It is famous for its pottery and paper Mache mask and the “king curd” JUJU{yogurt} also comes from here. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is a cluster of prehistoric temples, shrines and sculptures: The golden temple, 55 windows palace,Big bell,Taleju temple,Vatshala temple etc. scattered all over this heritage site, which were built during different centuries. Photography tour in Nepal   Next day during the drive to Samari via Nuwakot, Woodhouse and the team stopped to capture terraced farming fields, fish farming and several other aspects that demonstrated the rural lifestyle. Today the photographers team arrived to Nuwakot, the place from where the plans of unifying Nepal  by King Prithivi Narayan Shah was executed. The place offered us great opportunities to explore and capture glimpses of historic Nuwakot palace.   Then after we had four wheel treacherous ride up hill to the tranquil land of Samari. We stay at our own Homestay. Staying in a traditional mud house  where it was only us and rarely any other villagers, forgetting about other tourists and enjoying absolute peacefulness at Samari was great moment. While visiting the places in close proximity around Samari, we explored Kallabari and Purano pani, typical Tamang Villages ideal for our lens. photography tour in nepal Overall the photography tour allowed us to explore and capture architectural best of Nepal's medieval monuments and shrines, witness and film rural lifestyle and also catered us an opportunity to shoot Nepal's natural delights i.e. Himalayas.   Text Credit : Bishant Bista

Happy customers

Elephant rides in the jungle of Chitwan National Park and visit to the outstanding Bhaktapur Durbar Square with such excellent guides are the best memories of our trip to Nepal.

- Ms. Colleen and Mr. Kevin (Newzealand) Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonials

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