Wildlife of Nepal – represent the jungles of entire Indian subcontinent

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Wilds of Nepal are full of life, where the rule of nature decides the fate of inhabitants living inside it. A small Himalayan nation that houses 14 protected and conservation parks are the best suited homes to the many rare animals and plants.


Every adventurous soul who decides to penetrate these extensive wild playgrounds have come up with the best wildlife experiences because they sight the largest and the rarest species of animals living in the deepest jungle of Indian sub-continent.

wildlife activities in nepal


At the moment, when world wants to know about the assessment of trekking trails of Nepal and cultural heritage sites, these wildlife parks have remained safe and sound; more than ready to cater the wildlife tours.

We cater wildlife tours in Nepal in the conserved parks of lowland plains i.e. Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

wildlife activities in nepal

Chitwan National Park the major hub of wildlife activities in Nepal, caters services to the largest chunk of wildlife lovers traveling to Nepal every year. The park has diverse activities.

Elephant Safari, Jeep Drive, Elephant bathing, Canoe Ride, Nature Walk and Bird-watching tours are the most popular wildlife activities of the park.

wildlife activities in nepal


A little off the beaten wildlife park, Bardia National Park that lies in the far west region of Nepal caters greater opportunities to sight the wild species in the wilds.

Relatively peaceful and less frequented, Bardia National Park offers almost 50% chances of sighting the Royal Bengal Tiger, which is quite a chance to see this beautiful predator  playing freely in the jungle.

wildlife activities in nepal


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the best park for the birding activities and the bird watchers call it their paradise. Lying in the eastern lowland, the park is the home to more than 500 species of birds including the residential the migratory ones.

wildlife activities in nepal

The most common thing of all these parks is the culture attached within them. The lowlands of Nepal that stretch from east to west is the home to Nepal's one of the oldest ethnical tribes- the Tharus. Moreover, the river system that run through the parks are the ideal homes to the deadliest predators, crocodiles.

wildlife activities in nepal

Nepal is not the destination for walking adventures or cultural tours. It is also the biggest hub for wildlife activities in entire Asia. Visit Nepal for any purpose but bother to peep into the rich wildlife of Nepal, which would undoubtedly give you an insightful exploration of the wilds that represents the wilds of the entire Indian Sub-Continent.




Required trekking gears during a trek in Nepal

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Traveling light has often been a challenge to most of the travelers. During trekking holidays, when you have to carry your luggage by yourself or pay a significant amount of money to a porter who carries your stuffs; traveling light becomes more challenging.

In the destination like Nepal, where trekking adventures are the most beautiful holidays, traveler should be very much conscious on what to carry along and what to leave behind.

Here we have a photo essay on required trekking gears during a trek in Nepal, that help every trekker to enjoy a safe and light walking adventure in the Himalayas of Nepal. However, the essay doesn’t include the electronic devices because each trekker in the Himalayas has their own preferences and motives of walking in the trails of Himalayas.

Basic Gears

required trekking gears during the trek in Nepal

Supporting Items

required trekking gears during the trek in Nepal

Personal Items

required trekking gears during the trek in Nepal

Additional Gears for high altitude Trek

required trekking gears during the trek in Nepal

For for information on trekking in Nepal please go to the trip dossier section of our any trekking holiday or feel free to contact us.


Post quake Assessment of Annapurna Trekking Region- Region declared safe

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After a week-long assessment made by the team comprising structural engineer, engineering geologist, a professional mountain guide and the officer of Annapurna Conservation Area Project – A Report on Post Quake Damage Assessment of Annapurna Trekking Region has been released.

The assessment funded by Samarth-NMDP and supported by UKAID was conducted from 25 June 2015 to 2 July 2015 on behalf of Government of Nepal through Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation. The proposal to conduct the Post Quake Damage Assessment in the most popular trekking region of Nepal was made by Intrepid Travels.

During the assessment of 220km of trails the helicopter flyover and the walking was done. The assessment was in made two levels; structurally & geo-technically. Because of weather constraints the stretch from Thorung Phedi to Thorung La Pass was not assessed.

Here we have the results of both aspects in brief.

Structural Assessment Results

The structural aspect of the assessment included the bridges and the buildings of Annapurna Region that involved the areas of Annapurna Circuit Trek from Bhulbhule to Birethanti & areas of Annapurna Base Camp Trek from Pothana to Annapurna Base Camp. Approximately thirty bridges on the trail and 250 accommodations were assessed. Only six accommodations were found structurally damaged during the quake 2015. Majority of minor structural damages in the accommodations were seen in the eastern part of Annapurna Circuit Trail, which lies closer to M 7.8 epicenter. The damages that include stone wall crack and crack in concrete columns can be repaired easily, says the report.

Post quake Assessment on Annapurna Trekking Region

The google map image manifesting level of damages in different areas of Annapurna Trekking Region

In the figure above: The green and the blue lines in the map are the areas with no New Damages and the yellow line manifest moderate New Damages that took place during the quakes 2015.

Overall, only 3% of accommodations in Annapurna region has suffered repairable damages during the quake 2015. The bridges in the Annapurna suffered no damages during the quake.

Geotechnical Assessment

Most of the trails and villages covered in this assessment of the Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Sanctuary Areas are undamaged by landslides following the 2015 earthquakes. However, few areas, which didn’t show damages recently fall under high risky areas because of the geographical locations.

Annapurna Region Assessment after the quake

In the Figure above: The green marks the percentage of undamaged structures and the red marks the
percentage of earthquake-damaged buildings in the 15 villages after the quakes 2015.

 Samarth-NMDP says, “In order to manage the risks associated with the hazards identified in the report, we recommend completing a detailed risk-assessment study. This will include assessment of likelihood of failure, occupancy of specific areas of trail and villages and combining these with hazard to assess the risk.”

Photos and News Credit to Samarth-NMDP



Rara Lake trek- a beautiful offbeat trek in Nepal

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Rara LakeRara Lake is one of the hidden natural treasures in Mugu District of Nepal. “Extremity of the wilderness and the spectacular view of snow-capped peaks makes this trek an unforgettable walking adventure”.

For trekkers it gives a chance to sight the nomadic lifestyle at some places and the ancient civilization of Nepal at others. In brief, the trek is the ideal blend of cultural and natural aspects of off the beaten trails of Wild West Nepal.

The prime highlight of the trek, Rara Lake, which is ringed by alpine meadows of pines and junipers trees fall inside Rara National Park.  The park established in 1976 consists 1074 floral and faunal species.


Rara Lake Trek begins with the scenic flight to Jumla preceding the longer flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. The trail is full of passes that goes up to 11000 feet.  It is a ‘off the beaten trail’ which involves the crossing of Ghurchi Lagna pass at 3450m on the way to Rara Lake and a few ridges at around 3000 meters. The journey itself is an awesome escapade for adventure seekers, while they traverse through the rough Nepalese terrains and high passes. September to October and April to May are the best times to undertake the trek because of the clear skies and mild weather with soft touch of wind making this adventure more wonderful.  

Sinja Valley, the valley on the way to the Lake, is another culturally important landmark, which holds the significant history dating back from 12th  to 14th century. The proposed UNESCO Heritage Site is the place, where the original Nepali language was originated. Besides, the valley is ideal place to observe the culture of “Khas” tribe.

Trekking to the biggest lake in Nepal is by far the journey of lifetime that treats you the best of Nepalese rural culture and the incredible untouched nature.


Travel fun – few popular travel quotes

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Traveling is fun. While traveling to the new destinations we get to see what we have never seen. Be it the most beautiful aspect of life and nature or the weirdest practice, traveling always educates travelers.

World is full of surprises and traveling is the only way to witness these surprises that inspire travelers to travel more and  the whole traveling phenomena brings people from one corner of the globe to other.

Traveling offers people to learn about life’s most important lessons and sometimes the travelers have made significant positive impacts in the communities they have traveled to.

The practice of traveling began with the evolution of humankind and these days traveling have been the biggest passion for travelers across the globe.

Here we have few travel quotes that encourage travelers to travel more and more specifically that inspire them to travel meaningfully.

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote


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